Starrk Moon Kayaks and Demshitz!

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 Starrk Moon Kayaks
If you are a kayaker from the mid atlantic states, chances are, you know Brad. His kayak shop on the shuttle road for Muddy creek is one of those places that hasn’t changed much in the last 20 years! Tucked away in the woods of southeastern Pennsylvania near Delta, Starrk Moon brings in customers from no less than 8 different states every year! It is where Demshitz got their first kayaks! Demshitz takes comfort in knowing that Starrk Moon is still out there going strong, Starrk Moon Abides! 😉 Stay tuned for updates from Demshitz Jared Seiler next month competing in the Whitewater Grand Prix in Chile sponsored by Starrk Moon and Pyranha Kayaks !

If you ever get the chance Demshitz recommends you take a trip to Starrk Moon just to check out the “Kayak Museum” Brad has developed through out the years! It’s fascinating!

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