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Demshitz Paul Butler reporting from Chile:

“So having a major desire and a little bit of time I happily charged back south to Chile to thrive on a bit of the endless summer. Greeted by warm weather and slightly lower levels but tons of good times I spent a week in Chile with LG Groth and his company Escape. From the photos you can tell the shit was good,as Chile is no matter how you slice it. I look forward to returning again hopefully next year and going harder. Between the scenery,endless opportunities for whitewater and the people of Chile it should be on the top any paddlers list of destinations to go kayaking,from class 1-6 it has it all. The video shows a good bit of the paddling that went down but definitely doesn’t give you the whole experience. Get to Chile! Oh and I won my first horse race bet,free beer!”

Chilescapades from Paul Butler on Vimeo.

Demshitz SantaCon

In-between two epic harvest weeks of rain fed goods in December 2013,Demshitz set off on a road trip to find that levels had unfortunately dropped out. However,Demshitz managed to find good times on the Top Yough in western Maryland,the Green River Narrows in Saluda North Carolina and on the way back home at the Massanutten Resort Indoor water park in Harrisonburg Virginia. In the spirit of Christmas,Demshitz dressed as Santa all week. In addition to the santa shenanigans,a lot of time was spent in the car,where Demshitz honed in their karaoke skills! Enjoy

Demshitz Great Falls

Demshitz spent the day at the Great Falls of the Potomac River outside of Washington D.C. Featuring Demshitz Geoff Calhoun,Jared Seiler,Max Blackburn,Wyatt Hyndman and Ian Wingert.

Demshitz Fusilli Thanksgiving

As the Fusilli family gathered here in Northwestern PA a bit of rain hit the Clarion area. Typically this is a really low flow for Mill Creek,a tributary to the Clarion River. Being able to mix it up having the Badfish Boardworks hook up has made days that we would not paddle pretty damn fun. Everyday on the river with Dad and Rob is always badass…. Sup yr ass.

Demshitz sea kayaking the Green river Gnarrows

So the Green race is Saturday at high noon. P &H,Pyranha’s sea kayak line made a shit running sea kayak this year called the Hammer. The Hammer is surely not the ideal kayak to race the Green in,but it’s all I got and I thought it would be cool to sea how it would handle. I think I will race this stout,but I’m just trying to survive out there. Good luck to all racers and thanks much to Keith Sprinkle for helping me with some lines on the river today. This video is just GoPro by the way. Cheers

Demshitz,Moose Fest,King of New York and a lot of Zombie’s

Moose Fest is always rowdy. Why was this one more rowdy than all other Moose Fest’s? From my experience it was the King of New York and all the god damn zombie’s. Enjoy demshitz.

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Moose Race 2013 KONY teaser

Gauley Fest 2013 High Water,and the Kalob Griffin Band

I’m so glad I survived another Gauley Fest!



Gauley Fest 2013 “Home of the Brave”

Climb aboard a whitewater raft and experience a thrilling ride down the infamous Gauley River in Southern West Virginia with DEMSHITZ as your guide! Rain from the night before brought the river up to levels seldom seen and dished out some epic lines and rowdy swims! Enjoy!