New York Metro Triple Brown

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Demshitz decided to make a trip up north from Philly to New York metro area for an ambitious day of paddling. The plan was to put on the Popolopen creek at 9am on March 1st, afterwards drive an hour to paddle the Bulls Bridge section of the Housatonic river (actually in Connecticut), take a nap and get up around 9:30 pm and go for a 30 mile circumnavigation in sea kayaks around Manhattan island. We landed back where we put in at 8:59 am on March 2nd. We decided to call the adventure the “New York Metro Triple Brown”. Popolopen took 3 hours, Housatonic 1 hour, and the Manhattan lap took 8 hours on the dot. So as you can see we were able to actually just take it easy and chill for most of the day… 😉 Hope you like the video!


1 Comment

  • Scott Barnes says:

    Good to see you after a long time this weekend. Happy you got to paddle some of my local. Looks like that dam has some deep after it. Good to know. Been meaning to get up there in the summer to swim the plunge pool.

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