Kayaker saved just before swimming over a 60 foot waterfall!!

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Sometime in Mid July myself and the rest of demshitz found ourselves looking down on Hamma Hamma Falls on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state.  This is a beautiful drop if all goes well.  A 20 foot waterfall committing you very quickly to a 50- 60 foot waterfall just below.   The first 20 footer is a very tricky move, and messing this waterfall up could be tragic.  Well, in this video it was as close as I want to be to tragic.  All’s well that end’s well though eh….



  • Tom says:

    Thats probably the gnarliest shit i’ve ever seen

  • love this! LOVE THIS! thank you so much for sharing..

  • Dazman says:

    Very well saved!!

  • Lubey says:

    Thank you guys for sharing this! Footage like this is so important to remind all of us how important it is to boat with competent rescue partners. Glad you guys keep it real and can throw a bag.

  • Chris says:

    Outstanding job! When self-rescue fails alternative techniques must be used. Excellent throw and rescue of your paddling partner!

  • Cynthia says:

    Gripping video – I think I would have been as fast on my feet as Mr. Fusilli. I don’t know how on earth he braced himself enough for that amazingly accurate throw and tow.

    Technical and possibly super-ignorant question – I know that the aerated water at the bottom of a falls helps cushion the landing, and that you scout drops to make sure there aren’t any back-breaking rocks lurking directly below.

    If one WERE to go over that drop sans boat, is there a chance at all of making a safe fluffy landing from six stories, or do you really need the kayak to help protect your lower body from the impact as much as possible? (Plus – it’s hard to boof a person.)

  • Phil says:

    Outstanding! Good save!

  • jared says:

    Thats funny you ask because I was just talking about this. That waterfall may be deep and aerated enough to survive a swim off the lip. The concern lies in his ability to actually get out of the cave and then swim the line. Swimming over that drop on river left may not have worked out as well and would be hard to swim right to get on line.. Either way its never ideal to swim off waterfalls. He would go a lot deeper and risk hitting the bottom and become body pinned by the force of the falls to the bottom. Also the possibility of being pounded in the hole at the bottom and recirculated.

  • phil says:

    bitches can come kayaking with me anytime!!!great job keepin your shit together

  • rich says:

    Hoooooollllly crap! Well done. That is all.

  • Mark Polatty says:

    You guys are freakin nuts!!!!!! And I applaud you for it. I love yaking vicariously through you guys, because, frankly, I don’t have the guts to do what you do. Obviously, you know what you are doing. Keep posting those videos, but don’t get hurt. Be safe.

  • John Wheeler says:

    great rescue, good skills.

  • lily says:

    bloody idiots (said with the utmost respect). but wow.

  • di says:

    Bren, you are a long way from Warrington Swimming baths !!!- and don’t make your mother go any more grey. Good to see you at the end – had my head in my hands throughout this. Stay safe:-)

  • Cynthia says:


    Thanks for the answer – makes sense to me!

  • Pauline says:

    Scarey stuff…..as a mother of an adrenalin junkie kayaking son this is my worst nightmare.Must be a great buzz to do what you love in sch beautiful surroundings…so unspoilt. Ever try a “Mega” Kayak….google them……based in Bude. Cornwall. England…..my son is a partner in this company and manufactures specialist kayaks. His name is Chris Hobson.

  • Ratt Boy says:

    Phenomenal dead-on throw! Great job!

    One note: accordion to a river safety clinic I took from Charlie Walbridge, when being pulled in by a throw rope, you should turn over and hold the rope to your chest, having the rope go over your shoulder. That way, if the rope jerks, your arms have some play to maintain control of the rope. If, in contrast, your arms are outstretched in a “V” over your head, the rope can begin to slip through your hands and you have much less control. See the final paragraph in this article: http://www.paddling.net/guidelines/showArticle.html?405 .

    Great rescue, and excellent video.

  • Lance says:

    You adrenaline junky you Bren lol. That’s what you call up the shit creek without a paddle! So glad you didn’t take the plunge, and I bet you could’ve kissed your mate, you certainly owe him a beer or two. More to the point now, did you go and lose my paddles!! ;0)

  • Michele says:

    As the mother of a Girl who is into this sport I think the only thing saving my sanity is she has a partner who could do this kind of rescue.
    Nice to know she has good back up watching her

  • Bork says:

    Awesome save!
    But what happen afterwards with the green kayak and his rider? Kayak has been washed out and collected down or left there? Kayaker had a long walk?

    • dave says:

      So the green kayak eventually went over the waterfall. We then collected it at the base of the falls. Bren, who was in the green kayak had to sit on those wet cold rocks for 2 hours until I ran the drop, collected his boat and got back up to the top of the drop. At this point 3 of us had to lower a rope to Bren and pull him about 50 feet straight up the canyon wall. We then had a few beers.

  • S. says:

    So great to see the teamwork on the river that was shown here.
    With so many up and coming boaters going bigger and bigger it is great to see some humbling footage out there to remind people that things can go really wrong really fast.
    Thanks Demshitz.

  • Steave Cave says:

    wowwwwwwwww………. this is amazing great job done man
    i love to watch this video

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