Demshitz….how do I boof????

Demshitz….how do I boof????
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So a gentleman on Facebook  just asked me how to boof.   Here is what I told him.  Just in case there are any other demshitz out there having trouble with their boof stroke.

So with any boat this will help you out. There are a few keys to boofing anything on the river.  So we have Rock boofs and Water boofs.   Rock boofs are easier because the rock does the work for you. Aim at the rock, get some speed at the rock and the important part here is to pull on that boof stroke until you are fully in the air, then sit forward. A common mistake is taking that blade that you are boofing with out of the water to early. When demshitz do that the boat looses the angle when it hits the rock and you get deflected…… pull on that bitch through the rock…. does that make sense????
Ok our next type of boof is a water boof. Here you do not have the advantage of the rock poping your bow up so this type is a bit more stout to master.  The key here is to spot your lip and then spot your landing. Spot the lip, place your paddle blade on the lip, spot your landing and pull right as you see the landing. (Yes I know this takes patience and is a little scary, but if you take the stroke to early you will probably do the Burning man off that stout). As you pull you want to do a sit up.. This helps bring your bow up and stay in control. Something that is a misconception here is speed. With a water boof you are way better off pulling on that stroke at the right time. So pay more attention to the lip than your speed. One other tip is to edge as you boof. That will just make the bow come up that much easier. If you playboat at all you will understand that when you put your boat on edge and pull the stern goes under the water and bow comes up. Same in most creek boats.
Brown out, Dave
Demshitz, waiting to see the landing.  Spirit Falls, WA

Demshitz boofing lower Lewis Falls, OR

Check out this video of Demshitz telling Demshitz how its done!

Link to Video !!!


  • greg says:

    Nice Lower lewis that is quite a boof Thanks greg

  • Miguel says:

    Couldn’t agree more about the speed. I used to paddle like hell thinking I was going to fly off the lip because of my speed. Heck now sometimes I practically drift up to the lip concentrating on my paddle placement and the proper timing of the boof stroke. When you are paddling like a mad man your timing is often off. Waiting and concentrating seems to make everything happen in slow motion. I’m not saying speed is not any good but slow down and concentrate right at the end. Good things will come of it.

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