Chris Schwer, the origin of the DS and Dave Fusilli highlight reel 2012

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As I started putting this highlight video up on the demshitz website I realized how important it was to mention a great person and friend who passed away a few days ago on the Green Truss section of the White Salmon River in Washington State.  Not just because Chris Schwer was a great person,  friend and paddler,  but also because Chris designed the logo for demshitz.  The DS that we represent.  I’m Thankful for the time I was able to spend with Chris. He was always smiling, that’s the image that stays in my head, Chris grinning ear to ear.  The DS symbol is being worn proudly on my chest, keeping me smiling ear to ear and representing a lifestyle that I am blessed to have.  A lifestyle shown below that I had dreams of having. demshitz Chris Schwer thank you !                                                                       

Music: Youth (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) Foxes ( I know, I know,.. I finally put the muisc here for
2012 has been one hell of a year for me!! Uganda, to the Grand Canyon, a northwest huckfest, to some of the best freestylin I have ever done! I have to say having great kayaks has been a real treat as well. I’m working on recovering from a shoulder injury right now, but can’t wait for that boat again! I tried to use just clips from this year , but some of my favorite shots from Chile ended up in this here edit.,,,demshitz

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  • karyn cummings says:

    Chris was my co-worker we LOVE and MISS him, his cubical sits empty and we cry when we see that. I respect what you guys/gals for doing what your sport is and I’m at peace knowing Chris passed doing what he loved. Chris may you watch over me and be my guardian angel until we meet again.LUV you bud!


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