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This trip began many years ago deep within the loins of demshitz forefathers. The trip came to fruition after countless conversations with the main goal of rafting the Colorado river through Grand Canyon National Park as a Demshitz father and son trip. Some of DemDadz had been down the canyon... View Article

The Demshitz Paddle

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Werner Paddles. Demshitz-limited edition. In the late 50’s  Martha and Werner Sr. took their family paddling and a love affair was born.  More than just the time on the water, it was the travel to exciting places, the camping, the time around the fire.  Family and friends new and old,... View Article

Demshitz stands up Slippery Rock Creek

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Slippery Rock is a small creek that runs pretty often about 45 minutes north of Pittsburgh. I learned to kayak on this run as a little shitz. A touch over 4 feet on the gauge is actually really good time to bust out your freestyle kayak. Good holes and waves... View Article

Demshitz SantaCon

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In-between two epic harvest weeks of rain fed goods in December 2013, Demshitz set off on a road trip to find that levels had unfortunately dropped out. However, Demshitz managed to find good times on the Top Yough in western Maryland, the Green River Narrows in Saluda North Carolina and... View Article

Demshitz Fusilli Thanksgiving

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As the Fusilli family gathered here in Northwestern PA a bit of rain hit the Clarion area. Typically this is a really low flow for Mill Creek, a tributary to the Clarion River. Being able to mix it up having the Badfish Boardworks hook up has made days that we... View Article

Gauley Fest 2013 “Home of the Brave”

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Climb aboard a whitewater raft and experience a thrilling ride down the infamous Gauley River in Southern West Virginia with DEMSHITZ as your guide! Rain from the night before brought the river up to levels seldom seen and dished out some epic lines and rowdy swims! Enjoy!