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The Demshitz Paddle

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Werner Paddles. Demshitz-limited edition. In the late 50’s  Martha and Werner Sr. took their family paddling and a love affair was born.  More than just the time on the water, it was the travel to exciting places, the camping, the time around the fire.  Family and friends new and old,... View Article

Design Demshitz Tshirt Comp

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Demshitz is doing a Design your own Demshitz T-Shirt competition on facebook this month. Demshitz on Facebook The Demshit with the most “Likes” will win a free T-shirt with their very own design that will be printed as a Limited Edition T-shirt! Like DEMSHITZ on facebook, post your design and... View Article

Starrk Moon Kayaks and Demshitz!

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 Starrk Moon Kayaks If you are a kayaker from the mid atlantic states, chances are, you know Brad. His kayak shop on the shuttle road for Muddy creek is one of those places that hasn’t changed much in the last 20 years! Tucked away in the woods of southeastern Pennsylvania... View Article

Greg’s Shirt

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Demshitz Greg goes back to the days before Demshitz was Demshitz. Demshitz Greg was actually one of the original bad asses that taught Demshitz! Stomping around the city of Richmond VA, frequenting local creeks and laying treats from the East to West, eventually residing in Idaho, Greg has been getting after... View Article