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demshitz surfs Big Buseater wave

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Hangin in Pennsylvania Craig, Jake, and myself caught word that Big buseater wave on the Ottawa was about to be dropping into a good level. Having the new Pyranha Jed and nowhere else to be we all decided to rally on up to check this beast out. This wave is... View Article

Demshitz in Uganda

Demshitz in Uganda Published by 4 Comments

[youtube]dJyIwQFns2o[/youtube] video Demshitz went to Uganda this past November and did the last descents of Bujagali Falls on the White Nile. Watch the video to learn more and see some sweet wave surfing in the new PYRANHA playboat.

2012 Pyranha JED!

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[youtube]DOHTd4EiFKg[/youtube] video Here’s a look at the Pyranha JED. This will be the first playboat for Pyranha designed by Robert Pearson. If you know Robert you know this is going to be good! I know this sounds repetitive, but the JED is hands down the loosest, fastest boat I have... View Article