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The Demshitz Paddle

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Werner Paddles. Demshitz-limited edition. In the late 50’s  Martha and Werner Sr. took their family paddling and a love affair was born.  More than just the time on the water, it was the travel to exciting places, the camping, the time around the fire.  Family and friends new and old,... View Article

Pyranha’s Team ‘Merica 2014 Promo

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Team Pyranha ‘Merica 2013 from Paul Butler on Vimeo. Little Something I had the privilege of working up recently. A look over what Team Pyranha North ‘Merica has been up to for the past year. Join us on a look over North ‘Merica’s great whitewater, South ‘Merican stouts and a... View Article

Sir Carbon Jed at the Skookumchuck Gnarrows

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This boat was absolutely ridiculous at Skook this year!  I know it’s far for most of you , but if demshitz get the chance to go surf this sick wave it is a must do!   Thanks for the edit Bren!

Green River Jibbin’

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Demshitz is so incredibly stoked on the Pyranha Nano! Kayaking the Green River in Saluda North Carolina will never be the same again! LINK TO VIDEO !!!