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This trip began many years ago deep within the loins of demshitz forefathers. The trip came to fruition after countless conversations with the main goal of rafting the Colorado river through Grand Canyon National Park as a Demshitz father and son trip. Some of DemDadz had been down the canyon... View Article

The Demshitz Paddle

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Werner Paddles. Demshitz-limited edition. In the late 50’s  Martha and Werner Sr. took their family paddling and a love affair was born.  More than just the time on the water, it was the travel to exciting places, the camping, the time around the fire.  Family and friends new and old,... View Article

Fantasy Falls

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Demshitz got in a couple amazing trips on Fantasy Falls in California this summer. Check out this sweet edit by Evan Garcia with Substantial Media House. LINK TO VIDEO !!!

Paddle/video with Team Pyranha

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July 13th demshitz Team Pyranha will be doing a video/ kayaking clinic in association with Alder Creek Kayak shop!  Learn from Team Pyranha paddlers Dave Fusill, Craig Kleckner, US Team member Mike Patterson, and UK team member Bren Orton. The idea is this.. You take us down your local run... View Article

Demshitz Brown Ale – Bonfire Brewing

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L I N K T O V I D E O !!! Words of wisdom straight off the can: Bonfire Brewing has teamed up with the rowdy folks of Demshitz to spread the beer gospel. Mostly because of all the goodness that they represent, but also because we really like... View Article

Demshitz….how do I boof????

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So a gentleman on Facebook  just asked me how to boof.   Here is what I told him.  Just in case there are any other demshitz out there having trouble with their boof stroke. So with any boat this will help you out. There are a few keys to boofing anything... View Article

Starrk Moon Kayaks and Demshitz!

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 Starrk Moon Kayaks If you are a kayaker from the mid atlantic states, chances are, you know Brad. His kayak shop on the shuttle road for Muddy creek is one of those places that hasn’t changed much in the last 20 years! Tucked away in the woods of southeastern Pennsylvania... View Article