Legend Of Demshitz

People ask all the time,

“What is Demshitz? Who is demshitz?”

And the answer to that question is difficult to answer quickly and/or accurately…So Demshitz wrote it down after much thought.

The name Demshitz gets passed around between groups and generations because “Demshitz” defines a certain type of person.

Dem Shitz“, literally means “those people“.

The story of Demshitz has evolved from what Demshitz has done, because…

what Demshitz does, makes Demshitz who they are.”

So, when people ask who is Demshitz? Demshitz says,

“Demshitz is everyone who wants to be Demshitz!”

“Demshitz is Demshitz”.

The group may be thousands deep now and in-order to truly understand Demshitz one must know the story of Demshitz…

Mike Mathwin, Dave George and Dave Fusilli on the Salmon River in Idaho.

The story of Demshitz started on a kayaking trip in Montana and Idaho

David George, the, “Godfather of Demshitz”, made up the WORD when describing a random guy driving a car back and forth down the same street all day while they sat around chillin’ on a friend’s porch in Missoula.

“Demshitz loves us!” , he announced, and everyone cried laughing…

Honestly, it’s a pretty weak story… but its the truth!

Simply, saying the word “Demshitz” is hilarious and has since grown in popularity to ridiculous proportions.

And from what I mentioned before “what Demshitz does, makes Demshitz who they are”…

Demshitz lives the dream!

Demshitz Dave Fusilli and the Demshitz Seiler Brothers Jared and Graham, equally shared the passion for whitewater and exploring the outdoors.

They had a dream to Kayak everyday.

When they approached Jim Hager of Pyranha Kayaks USA, Jim told the boys that he wanted them to go on a kayaking tour all summer in the Team Pyranha van! The boys were awestruck, their dream had come true! They had an amazing summer, exploring new rivers and places, “running the brown”, and meeting tons of new friends.

Demshitz on their maiden voyage. Cheat Fest 2007.

Dave put a Demshitz sticker on the van that he got from Dave George, and at the time the Seiler’s didn’t even know what it meant. Jared said,

“We were getting gas somewhere in the south east and some hillbillies came up ignoring the big orange Pyranha fish sticker, and the word ‘Pyranha” stamped across the van in big orange letters, and all the kayaks, and they asked, “what’s Demshitz???” They wanted to know what this little sticker meant that I didn’t even know was on the van, or what it even meant. When I asked Dave, he didn’t really know either, and since then we’ve been trying to explain it, but in the mean time we just told people its whatever they want it to be. Then we told them about our kayaking tour.”

The boys were soon dubbed Demshitz after word got around about their epic adventures on the road, with the initial epic adventure being one of the most defining…

During their first week on tour, after a wild party at West Virginia’s Cheat River Festival the boys drove straight across the country, and paddled the next few days in Durango Colorado with Jed Selby.

The boys grooving across the country in “Orange Bitch” the Pyranha van.

Jared scouting the Animas River.

Afterwards, they drove to Reno Nevada for a fun weekend of competitions at the Reno River Festival.  Dave won the boater X and Graham won the downriver race, beating out legends Tao Berman and Eric Jackson!

Dave killin it at Reno!

They celebrated big and discussed kayaking options in California before returning to Colorado the following weekend for Buena Vista’s Paddle Festival.  The boys had their eyes set on the infamous N. Fork of the American “Royal Gorge”. A Classic California multi-day that contains “the highest concentration of the tallest runnable waterfalls in the world”! The three Demshitz, all from Pennsylvania, had no idea what they were getting themselves into while packing their kayaks for the 3 day mission at legendary Pyranha paddler Shannon Carroll‘s house, who they had just met that weekend. The next day Shannon offered to drive their shuttle and dropped them off at the put in road. Shannon figured, ” It’s only a 30 minute hike to the river” from where she dropped them off at the snowed-in put in road… 3 hours later…the boys finally got to the river and put on around noon on Monday and paddled fast because they had to be in Buena Vista Colorado on Thursday night. After a few hours of scouting and paddling and fixing Dave’s boat from him dragging it down the put in road they came up on two of the biggest runnable waterfalls they had ever seen, Heath Springs Gorge, deep in the California wilderness.

Dave and Jared scouting Heath Springs Gorge.

All three fired it up around 6 o clock in the afternoon. Graham’s skirt blew at Heath 2 and Jared and Dave saw Graham’s boat come off the last 15 foot drop with no sign of Graham for a few frantic minutes.

Graham running Heath 2. 

Graham reunited with Jared and Dave at the bottom after an unassisted climb out of the gorge. The 3 shared a moment with tears and a group hug and a, “wow that was dumb”and proceeded to camp. They finished off the run the next two days taking out at 7 pm Wednesday and drove all through the night arriving at Paddle Fest on time!

This story describes the way things went for the boys and what they were in store for for the next 5 years. After celebrating hard…again… at Paddle Fest, they went to Yule Creek in Marble Colorado at high water with Shannon,  Andrew Holcombe and instant Demshit Conor Finney. They made a youtube video of Yule Creek that got 35,000 hits!

Jared on Yule Creek.

The epic summer continued as they combined forces with other Team Pyranha paddlers across the country. Good times were had at Oh Be Joyful creek in Crested Butte, CO with Brent Toepper, Lake Creek laps with Billy Jones, Brennan’s wave in Montana with Luke and KB, the Pacific Northwest on the White Salmon and Little White Salmon with the Beaver Lodge Boys, surfing Skookumchuck in British Columbia, Canada with Josh Bechtel and young guns Evan Garcia and Ian McClaren, running the NF Payette, Top to Bottom, with Fred Corriell and Mike McKee and finishing the trip back east in West Virginia/Maryland on their home runs the Upper Yough and Big Sandy and up in New York for the Beaver and Moose Rivers Festivals!

The energy following the boys was thick as they mixed it up with the world’s best kayakers and ran some of the hardest whitewater around. Demshitz started growing like miracle grow!  

…and the adventures didn’t end there…

In October Pyranha flew the boys to Austria for the Whitewater World Championship Sickline Race, which unfortunately was cancelled, but while they were there they met a lot of new friends. And of course in an Austrian accent, “Demshitz” sounds even more hilarious!

Traveling, meeting new friends, “running the brown”, promoting kayaks, and trying to explain Demshitz they were high on life and decided to keep pushing to the next epic destination….

They found that place in South America. Starting the trip in Ecuador. Jared had been there before and wanted to go back to show Dave and Graham the goods, and get a warm up for the ultimate stop on the trip in Chile. They had two solid weeks of kayak vacation in Ecuador, filming a bunch in hopes to make a movie of the trip. They arrived in Chile and were welcomed in open arms by Kurt Casey, a legend in the sport and long time friend of Dave’s dad. He opened up his house in Pucon to them, actually his shed.. Demshitz stayed there many nights. They also met local paddler Rodrigo Tuschner, who showed the boys how to run the REAL shit! It seemed like everywhere they went they had friends of friends, as the kayak community often does. Everything started clicking like they were living in a movie!

Rodrigo Tuschner running the “Demshitz drop”. An epic Demshitz first descent on the Rio Nevado. 

Their first day in Pucon they watched the “young gun” boys Ian and Evan Garcia, Chris Korbulic and Epicocity’s LJ Groth fire up the 70 footer on the Middle Palguin. They were blown away and thought, “those guys are crazy, we probably shouldn’t do that.” But after hanging out and paddling with them, they soon realized they were all very similar paddlers and that going big in a kayak is more of a mental game than physical. After much discussion of the probability of running the falls, which fueled nightmares. “Hell f*#^ing Korbulic landed on his head, it must be fine!”. Young Chris Korbulic pushing himself at the time, now a world renown paddler/explorer. All the “bitches” , as Rodrigo dubbed the boys, were flourishing, and they had all come to the same place. What ensued was a huckfest and the Legend of Demshitz.

Back home, family and friends lived vicariously through the internet postings and videos. Friends shared Demshitz stories to their friends who spread Demshitz to their friends.

Demshitz even started an international whitewater hand sign, called the, “Brown Claw”, which can be read about in whole ‘nother story…but basically, it has to do with the movie Borat…and shit…

During the next season in Chile, aspiring film makers Evan Garcia and Fred Norquist teamed up with Demshitz to produce “Demshitz The Movie”.

Demshitz worked hard on the movie with 3 years of stock piled footage and help from John Grace at Lunch Video Magazine!

The movie came out and was a big hit!

Demshitz toured again in the Pyranha Van premiering the movie and soon they were gaining celebrity status on the rivers, and the people who knew Demshitz from the beginning were in awe of their accomplishments.


However, with all this new found “fame”, Demshitz stayed mostly level headed

In the Kayaking world and in most extreme sports, nobody is more powerful than the elements.

Kayaking demands respect!

Demshitz have been kayaking for many years and were taught this respect from their fathers, fellow kayakers, and influencers they’ve encountered along the way. When you watch their movies, you may only see the wild fun side of Demshitz, often partying and running huge rapids and waterfalls. What you don’t see is the stuff they don’t film, which is their interactions with locals, their respect and knowledge about nature, safety and kayaking, and simply, giving back to the community.

The goal of Demshitz is to teach the learned respect and knowledge of Demshitz to future generations and to create one big happy Demshitz family!

Long live Demshitz.

Told by:

Jared Seiler