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What the Hell is Graham Doing?


Back Freewheel Big Splat #cheatfest2016 #demshitz
@wernerpaddles hooking up @demshitz with some swag! Gotta look fresh for the season!
Bad ass picture of a bad ass place! @demshitznation running "99 Problems" on the SBMF California 2010. πŸ“· @trevorclarkphoto #tbt #demshitz #KillitTour
Side hikes in the Grand Canyon are a trip in themselves! #demshitzdoesthegrand πŸ“· @jaredseiler
Dem Dadz styled the Canyon! #demshitzdoesthegrand #demshitzdadz
#nankoweap #demshitzdoesthegrand πŸ“· @miguel_shieldz
And drift... #demshitzdoesthegrand
#demshitzdoesthegrand boofing out for 18 days! #scorchcat @balldemshitz
#demshitzdoesthegrand is gearing up!
Meet the Team! #demshitzdoesthegrand
@demshitz Northwest operations got a quick glimpse of the Grand today. We are almost to Flagstaff hoping we will survive the night of epic reunions with most of the crew πŸ‘ŒπŸ». There will be a few stragglers droppin in tomorrow then the shit will really hit the fan. #demshitzdoesthegrand @davefusilli @demshitznation @chrismokayaker
#demshitzdoesthegrand @demshitz @demshitznation @davefusilli @chrismokayaker @robfusilli
We're going to take this shit down one state at a time. #idaHO #demshitzdoesthegrand @pyranhaus_official
Demshitz are charging from all corners of the world to reunite on the Grand Canyon.  Demshitz northwest division getting ready to kill the drive down to Flagstaff. #demshitzdoesthegrand @demshitznation @davefusilli
Big Horn Camp on the Westwater Canyon section of the Colorado river near Moab, UT #demshitzdoesthegrand
@whitewaterismagic posing in Arches National park. #archesnationalpark #thatlookslikeadick #demshitzdoesthegrand
Skyline Arch. 
Arches National Park #demshitzdoesthegrand #archesnationalpark

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Demshitz Gorge Rentals

  Thinking about flying out to the Pacific Northwest this spring and summer and want to go kayaking?!? But you don’t want to pay outrageous fees or go through the hassle of trying to fly with your kayak and paddle?!? Demshitz is here to help. Β With the increase in boater... View Article

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Demshitz in Canaan

Demshitz caught Red Creek and the North Fork of the Blackwater into the Lower Blackwater on a crisp weekend in December. Enjoy!

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