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Demshitz livin PNW

Demshitz Gorge Rentals


Thinking about flying out to the Pacific Northwest this spring and summer and want to go kayaking?!? But you don’t want to pay outrageous fees or go through the hassle of trying to fly with your kayak and paddle?!? Demshitz is here to help.  With the increase in boater traffic flocking to the pristine waters of the northwest Demshitz has devised a plan to get transient boaters in and out on the water running the brown! Send a message to and we will work with you to get you a boat and paddle for the time you are in the area at a very affordable rate.

Demshitz in Canaan

Demshitz caught Red Creek and the North Fork of the Blackwater into the Lower Blackwater on a crisp weekend in December. Enjoy!

Demshitz Beginnings, Big Dave Fusilli and Jay Seiler explain the Evolution

Demshitz is a lifestyle that has been created over generations.  Jay Seiler (Jared & Graham Seilers father) and Big Dave Fusilli (Dave Fusilli’s father) explain the evolution of paddling from their early days in whitewater.  The Beginnings of Demshitz, how it all started back in the late 70’s to early 80’s.  Enjoy

Happy Halloween, Demshitz does the Thriller dance


The Demshitz Paddle

Werner Paddles. Demshitz-limited edition.

In the late 50’s  Martha and Werner Sr. took their family paddling and a love affair was born.  More than just the time on the water, it was the travel to exciting places, the camping, the time around the fire.  Family and friends new and old, adventures were had, new ones were hashed out and memories that would last a life time were made.  Through it all, Werner Paddles was born.

Today we still live this life style, through those that work for us, our team members and with our paddles that travel to the world’s rivers with stoked boaters. So, help us celebrate that lifestyle with our Demshitz limited edition. Who embodies the river lifestyle better?

Available in Demshitz trusted and approved Powerhouse and Sherpa models, in all shaft options, this limited edition color and graphics package hits stores 9/18/14 and lives on till the Demshitz decides.

The story behind Demshitz.

“What are them shits up to now?” “Where did them shits get off to this time?” The words that started it all, a disgruntled Jay Seiler and “Big Dave” Fusilli yelling out from a camp fire wondering where their kids had gotten off to, a long day on the river not enough to tire their rambunctious energy. It all started with family, Jay and his 2 boys Jared and Graham, “Big Dave” and his kids Dave, Carly and Rob. Siblings joined, friends joined.  The river lifestyle was THE lifestyle. As the kids turned into adults their passion for pushing the limits of their paddling, maybe the party as well at times, drew attention. More and more people wanted to be a part of that energy, DEMSHITZ was born and more friends joined their extended family. Where Demshitz headed now?!? Well, they continue to push the limits, showing their talents on the river with a wry smile and inviting handshake. Never forgetting the time their Dad’s spent with them and giving that gift back to others who want to laugh, learn, follow a line and share a beer.  When it comes down to it, we’re all Demshitz, let’s go celebrate the river lifestyle.

Demshitz – Bottom Moose Overnighter

Demshitz loves doing overnighters. Typically, an overnighter is done out of necessity on a river that is so long it takes more than one day to complete.  The “Bottom” section of the Moose river in upstate New York is located in the heart of the Adirondack mountains. It is a beautiful section usually run in one day but we figured why not make it two! Hope you like the video!

Demshitz stands up Slippery Rock Creek

Slippery Rock is a small creek that runs pretty often about 45 minutes north of Pittsburgh. I learned to kayak on this run as a little shitz. A touch over 4 feet on the gauge is actually really good time to bust out your freestyle kayak. Good holes and waves out there. Church

Raymondskill – Joe Nugent

Back in June a group of Demshitz caught Raymondskill with good flow and sunny skies. We did a little filming and our buddy Joe Nugent put this edit together! Enjoy! Joe Nugent

Demshitz surfing the P&H Hammer at Skook

If you want to surf, overnight on a river or the ocean, maybe race the Hammer is a sick boat! At this point I have surfed Skookumchuck and raced the Green river narrows in the Hammer. One thing that I have not done yet that I know will be great with the Hammer is overnight missions. Pack whatever you need in this stout and enjoy the river!  This boat is the shit!