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Demshitz stands up Slippery Rock Creek

Slippery Rock is a small creek that runs pretty often about 45 minutes north of Pittsburgh. I learned to kayak on this run as a little shitz. A touch over 4 feet on the gauge is actually really good time to bust out your freestyle kayak. Good holes and waves out there. Church

Raymondskill –Joe Nugent

Back in June a group of Demshitz caught Raymondskill with good flow and sunny skies. We did a little filming and our buddy Joe Nugent put this edit together! Enjoy! Joe Nugent

Demshitz surfing the P&H Hammer at Skook

If you want to surf,overnight on a river or the ocean,maybe race the Hammer is a sick boat! At this point I have surfed Skookumchuck and raced the Green river narrows in the Hammer. One thing that I have not done yet that I know will be great with the Hammer is overnight missions. Pack whatever you need in this stout and enjoy the river!  This boat is the shit!

Demshitz –Upper Yough &Valley Falls –2014

Check out this summertime fun video on the Upper Youghiogheny river in western Maryland and Valley Falls in Fairmont West Virginia. Featuring Jared Seiler,Adam Homberg (15 years old) and his dad Brian Homberg (whitewater legend) and Ken Lumm and his dog Meatball! Enjoy!

Pyranha Team Van spends a day with young Norwegian Demshitz!

The Pyranha Team Van boys had a really fun day on the Strandelva with some young Norwegian Demshitz! Thanks Kayak Voss!


Demshitz in Norway-Marine-Juvet

Epic day here in Norway on the Raundalselva Marine-Juvet canyon!

Demshitz 2014 Colorado Tour

Enjoy this sick edit by Bren Orton!

Long live the Northwest Demshitz

The Northwest is a creek boaters paradise. While Demshitz did get to do several runs in the Northwest this edit just showcases Eagle Crick and the Little White Salmon or what the boyz call the L Dub.

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Pyranha’s Team ‘Merica 2014 Promo

Team Pyranha ‘Merica 2013 from Paul Butler on Vimeo.

Little Something I had the privilege of working up recently. A look over what Team Pyranha North ‘Merica has been up to for the past year. Join us on a look over North ‘Merica’s great whitewater,South ‘Merican stouts and a stint in Russia. So strap down to that desk chair or couch,turn up the tunes and take it all in,because we’re all Demshitz!